KidzVuz #KVHoliday of Play Twitter Party

by Nancy November 11, 2013

Holiday shopping doesn’t have to be a drag if you know what to buy for whom. Join us, along with sponsors @HasbroNews, @NintendoAmerica and @SpinMasterToys for a great conversation about shopping for kids of any age. WHEN: Tuesday, November 12, 1-2 pm ET (10am PT) WHAT:  KidzVuz  Holiday  of Play [...]

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Fend off the Flu with Food

by Cristie January 30, 2013


It’s nearly impossible to turn on the television, open a phone news app or an actual paper these days and not see a story about the flu. And forget Facebook and Twitter streams, they’re sick with updates about being sick. I won’t spend time arguing the efficacy of the flu [...]

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KidzVuz FashionTweenStas Holiday Twitter Party

by Nancy November 10, 2012

fashiontweensta logo

KidzVuz knows tweens, and just how hard it can be the pick the perfect gift for one. So we’re hosting a FashionTweenStas Holiday Twitter Party that’s all about cool gifts, tech, food and fashion (duh!) for tween girls ages 7-12. So what’s a FashionTweenSta? She’s not quite a little kid, [...]

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Twitter Party: Kids and Food Glorious Food!

by Nancy October 17, 2011


Kids love to eat.  Just not always the stuff we want them to. What do your kids eat…or not eat?  How do you include them in preparing family meals.  What’s you stand on fast food?   For the answers to these and other questions, come to our KidzVuz Twitter party, this [...]

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ESRB Helps You Figure it All Out: With a Chance to Win, too!

by Nancy July 26, 2011

I know I’ve already posted about the great ESRB app that lets you find out the rating of the video game, right there in the store.  So you’re probably wondering two things: 1. Is KidzVuz getting some kind of kick back for writing all this ESRB stuff?  And 2. If [...]

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