5 Non-Annoying Ways to Monitor Your Tween’s Tech Use

by Nancy October 8, 2012


This is a guest post by PR pro and writer, Elissa Freeman.  You can follow her on twitter at @ElissaPR My 12 year old daughter is an average tween: slowly exploring adolescence, coming to grips with her changing body, occasionally mouthy (I will not bother to define ‘occasionally’ here) and [...]

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Ask Selfish Mom: All My Friends Have Cell Phones So Why Don’t I?

by Amy September 21, 2012

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SelfishMom is back answering your kids annoying questions – so you don’t have to!  Dear Selfish Mom, My mom won’t let me have a cell phone. I’m twelve and all of my friends have cell phones. I know I’m responsible enough to have one, so how can I convince her? [...]

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Use Travel Time to Unplug and Connect With Your Tween

by Holly August 22, 2012


Sometimes we don’t realize how much our tweens need us. They’re getting older and seem so grown up, but underneath all their “I can do it myself” there is plenty of need for attention. I learned it the hard way this week. I’m on holiday with my family, touring the [...]

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When Do You Start Monitoring Your Tween’s Tech Use?

by Mitch July 11, 2012

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This is the first post by our new dad blogger, Mitch Chaitin.  Mitch is a SAHD, who with his partner Peter, is raising an NYC public school 4th grader.  He writes about parenting, adoption, and do product reviews and giveaways at his blog – where is son helps him [...]

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BubCap Review: Keep Younger Siblings’ Fingers Off Your iPod!

by Sarah July 2, 2012

bubcap demo

How do you keep little ones from messing with an older sib’s iphone or ipod – or texting smiley faces to the dentist on mom’s phone? Sarah Auerswald just might have the solution for those crafty younger sibs… We’ve all been there: you pick out a cute app for your [...]

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Tech Pick of the Week: Sony Tablet S

by Rebecca April 6, 2012

sony tablet

We’ve been testing out our Sony Tablet  for a couple of months now, and we are loving it’s unique, easy to hold curved design.  Our kids are loving the Sony Playstation integration and the Sony Entertainment package that gives you movies and music in a special Sony store.  Running Android [...]

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We’re Kicking Off the Grand Opening of J&R Jr. – a New NYC and Online Destination

by Rebecca February 2, 2012


We are very excited to be co-hosting, with our friends at Mom Trends, a huge party with 50 of our favorite mom bloggers and their families to celebrate the opening of this gorgeous new 15,000 square foot store in downtown Manhattan – J&R Jr.  You may know J&R already as [...]

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Multitasking Dangerous to Tween Girls’ Development?

by Rebecca January 30, 2012

sad girl texting

This is an eye-opening study out of Stanford University looking at tweens’ social and emotional skills when they are multitasking continually – especially on electronics.  The bad news?  All that multitasking is seriously detrimental to their well-being and social growth – it even makes them worse at multitasking! The good [...]

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