Got STEM? Great STEM organizations for your curious kid

by Kim August 20, 2012

Science Olympiad food science

My tween has always been curious about life and the world around us. In fact, just the other day he asked me if a particle accelerator can be used for space travel. Um, what? Thank goodness for Google. We found the answer. But kids with a natural curiosity and inherent [...]

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PBS Resources That are Perfect For Your Tween

by Sarah August 13, 2012


We all know and love PBS for our kids when they’re young. I mean, what parent of a Tween hasn’t watched Sesame Street with his or her kids at least a thousand times? But even if your kids are too old for Elmo, PBS still offers content for them, on [...]

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Sylvia’s Super-Awesome Maker Show: An Interview with the Tween Maker YouTube Star

by Kim July 23, 2012

maker sylvia

In an era where it’s easy for tweens to zone out in front of the screen of their choice, an 11 year-old California girl is making the choice to be on the screen with her YouTube series, Sylvia’s Super-Awesome Maker Show.  A fan of DIY, science and technology she’s teaching [...]

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Your Name in the Stars! A NASA Contest for Kids

by Rebecca October 12, 2011

nasa-grail-moon twin probes

This is a guest post by education advocate and Pennsylvania Mom Congress Delegate, Melissa Bilash.  You can check out her fantastic blog about education resources and advocacy at Many children are fascinated by space–the idea of flying through the stars, being an astronaut, studying solar systems, galaxies, the universe. [...]

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