Sony Wonderbook: Review

by Sarah January 28, 2013

Wonderbook, game, move & camera bundle

The Sony Wonderbook will blow your mind. Or at least, it blows my mind. Making use of AR (Augmented Reality), The Wonderbook creates an entire storybook out of a few otherwise meaningless symbols on the page. The Wonderbook works in conjunction with the Playstation Move controller and camera, and they’re [...]

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Turning Kids Into Photographers with KidzVuz and J&R jr

by Nancy April 11, 2012

KV JR logos

You know how every time you take out your camera your kid wants to use it?  Yeah, we know, too.  That’s why is teaming up with J&R Jr. for a unique, hands-on day of family photography workshops, information sessions and creative learning for kids and their parents and the [...]

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Tech Pick of the Week: Sony Tablet S

by Rebecca April 6, 2012

sony tablet

We’ve been testing out our Sony Tablet  for a couple of months now, and we are loving it’s unique, easy to hold curved design.  Our kids are loving the Sony Playstation integration and the Sony Entertainment package that gives you movies and music in a special Sony store.  Running Android [...]

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