Dermalogica: New Skin Care Line for Tweens and Teens

by Nancy September 19, 2013


So the truth is, I didn’t go to the Trumpeting Media R&R event for the new tween line, clean start. Well, not ONLY for that anyway.  I went because I knew the Trumpeting Media ladies know how to throw a party, I knew I’d get a 20 minute MicroZone Treatment, [...]

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Fend off the Flu with Food

by Cristie January 30, 2013


It’s nearly impossible to turn on the television, open a phone news app or an actual paper these days and not see a story about the flu. And forget Facebook and Twitter streams, they’re sick with updates about being sick. I won’t spend time arguing the efficacy of the flu [...]

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Healthy Habits from Kimberly-Clark and Colgate-Palmolive

by Nancy July 31, 2012

Photo by Diane Bondareff/Invision for Kimberly-Clark and Colgate-Palmolive.

A few weeks ago, KidzVuz attended the Kimberly-Clark and Colgate-Palmolive Healthy Habits Event in NYC. (it’s like both companies have  hyphen-married names!) They’ve teamed up with Healthy to give the 77 million US kids heading back to school this fall a healthy start.  Hidden among the fun activities – [...]

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Mom. Vs. The Summer Snack Bar

by Cristie July 5, 2012

Girl eating fruit kabob

This is a post by one of our new KidzVuz Parents Bloggers, Cristie Ritz-King.  Cristie Ritz-King is a writer, Health Coach, Doula and mom of three. She can be found writing the regular newspaper essay column she always dreamed of getting at The Right Hand Mom and talking all things [...]

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Picking the Right Back Pack

by Nancy August 12, 2011


Contrary to my own prejudice, the most important thing about choosing a back to school backpack for for your child is not how totally awesome the pattern will look with her winter coat.  Or how the cool look of it reminds you of the complete coolness of your own Junior [...]

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