Glitter, Glitz and my Tween

by Holly February 11, 2013

Kidz_Vuz 062

Going shopping with my daughter has taken on a new dimension since she became a tween.  She has very defined taste and I’m continually surprised at how different it is to mine.  While she is like me in many ways (she likes to read and write, for example), she has [...]

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Hey Dads, “Why am I Different?”

by Mitch August 8, 2012


My son has 2 dads. There was one other family in my school with a similar family but one of the dads passed on. There might be another female same sex family, but I do not know them personally. Unfortunately, we had a same sex parent family in our class, [...]

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Common Sense Media: A Site You Should Know About

by Nancy September 8, 2011


This may seem weird coming from us, but parents really need to be careful about the time their kids spend online, texting, watching tv…all of it. Of course at KidzVuz, they’ll always be safe (shameless plug), but how do you know about the bazillion other sites, games and shows out [...]

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