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The Benefits of Video Games

by Nancy March 23, 2012

Yeah.  You read that right. Video games are not all bad. That’s why Jennifer Comet Wagner wrote The Gamer Generation: Reaping the Benefits of Video Games.  Here at KidzVuz, we have always believed that technology can be used for good instead of evil…we’re just glad Jennifer Wagner gathered all the [...]

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Common Sense Media: A Site You Should Know About

by Nancy September 8, 2011


This may seem weird coming from us, but parents really need to be careful about the time their kids spend online, texting, watching tv…all of it. Of course at KidzVuz, they’ll always be safe (shameless plug), but how do you know about the bazillion other sites, games and shows out [...]

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ESRB Helps You Figure it All Out: With a Chance to Win, too!

by Nancy July 26, 2011

I know I’ve already posted about the great ESRB app that lets you find out the rating of the video game, right there in the store.  So you’re probably wondering two things: 1. Is KidzVuz getting some kind of kick back for writing all this ESRB stuff?  And 2. If [...]

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