Is Homemade Always Better?

by Shari September 18, 2012

Choose Your Breakfast Cereal!

Since I’ve been spending a lot more time in the kitchen, I’ve also been experimenting with my kids creating homemade versions of the products we love to eat and eat on a regular basis- like hummus and Nutella. I was astonished at how easy it is to make-your- own at [...]

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Get More “Time” in Meal Time with Simple Prep Tricks

by Shari August 15, 2012


One of the reasons I didn’t like cooking: I didn’t want to waste a lot of time in the kitchen.  And, now that my kids are older and have after-school activities and our dinner hour has gotten slowly chipped away, the kitchen is the LAST place I want to spend [...]

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Twitter Party: Kids and Food Glorious Food!

by Nancy October 17, 2011


Kids love to eat.  Just not always the stuff we want them to. What do your kids eat…or not eat?  How do you include them in preparing family meals.  What’s you stand on fast food?   For the answers to these and other questions, come to our KidzVuz Twitter party, this [...]

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