Captain Underpants and The Revolting Revenge of the Radioactive Robo-Boxers

by Rebecca February 19, 2013


It’s here!  The latest Captain Underpants books (Number 10 for you avid series fans!) And we are giving it away! A world without UNDERPANTS?!!! When we last saw our heroes, George and Harold, they had been turned into evil zombie nerds doomed to roam a devastated, postapocalyptic planet for all [...]

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Four Classic Books For Tweens

by Diane January 23, 2013

Tuck Everlasting

If you are going to instill a love for reading in your children, then the ages between nine and 12 are probably your last chance. There is no better time to introduce classic books to them and stir up their imaginations with the written word. This is the time when [...]

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Will Solvit Book Set Giveaway

by Nancy July 31, 2012

will solvit trex

It’s a mystery why some kids love to read and others…not so much.  I know some people think that it has something to do with how much you read to your kids when they were small.  Well, I have twins, I read to them exactly the same amount, and one of [...]

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