Zing Toys: Product Review

by Sarah on January 25, 2013

Zing Toys_Air Storm_Z-X Cross Bow_hi-res

I was the Mom who wasn’t going to let her sons have weapon toys. I really felt
strongly about it and had no intention of ever letting toys like that in my house.

And then something happened. Not sure what it was or when, but the moratorium
has long been abandoned and my house is full of swords, plastic guns and little
foam bullets.

And the thing is? My kids have a ton of fun playing with them all.

Enter Zing Toys. Zing Toys are sturdy, super fun weapons that appeal to kids
who like to shoot each other. I dare not delve into the psychology of it, but I can
tell you this: My sons are this category.

The weapons themselves, the Air Storm Z-X CrossBow, the Air Storm Zip-Bak
and the Air Storm Z-Curve Bow, are like modern reproductions of these very
basic types of weapons. Because they’re so sturdy, they stand up to seriously
hard play action from Tween and Teen Boys – and their parents.

My kids have played with these weapon toys for months and they are still going
strong. The elastic bands have held out and show no breakdown, which is great.
The hard plastic structure is absolutely intact, having withstood the beating my
kids have given them.

The arrows, however, have not fared so well. The foam fins have been broken off
(or have they been torn off?), which makes them less accurate when fired.

It does not make them less fun to fire, though.

And that’s the beauty of these toys: my kids have a ball playing with them.

So whatever forces are at work, and again, I’m not looking too closely, it brings
great joy to my kids – and gets them up and running around after each other.

So for the sheer fun factor and the fantastic durability, I highly recommend Zing

Sarah Auerswald is the co-Founder of MomsLA.com, a Community of the Top
Mom Bloggers in Los Angeles, and she blogs about life with boys and their toys
at SarahAndSons.com.

Sarah was given a set of Zing Toys for review.

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