Zuzee: Looks like we’re not the only great online spot for tweens!

by Nancy on October 20, 2011

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While I would LOVE to be able to say that KidzVuz is the ONLY great place for tweens online, well, I can’t. Because now, there’s Zuzee Interactive, Inc’s. Zuzee.com, a super cool, super fun, super safe creative online community developed specifically for tween girls. On Zuzee, girls share photos, connect with friends, and create lasting memories.

Not unlike KidzVuz, Zuzee provides a meaningful place online where kids can express themsleves. But on Zuzee, they do it by making their own online scrap-book photo albums using an awesome array of templates, “stickers” and styles. Once they’re done, they can share their cool designs with friends. Best part is – since there are so many cool pre-made templates, they can look like pros — even if they’re…artistically challenged!

Here’s how it works:

Tweens turn their favorite pictures into dazzling displays by uploading their photos, selecting a book, card or collage project, and getting creative.
Then each month, Zuzee adds new design templates covering popular themes such as friendships, birthdays, pets, holidays, mom & me, and more. Plus there are interactive quizzes, virtual gifts, icons, and other super-tweeny stuff girls love.
Once they’re done with a project, the girls can share books and cards, collaborate on designs, and comment on each other’s projects – but only within the Zuzee community, and ONLY with people they know.

Because also like KidzVuz, Zuzee is ALL about safety!

In their own words:
“Online safety and privacy are top concerns for parents. Zuzee was designed with parental controls that enable parents to fully monitor and determine what their kids can do on the site. Zuzee uses an invitation-only approach; friends can’t be added and designs or photos can’t be shared without parent consent first.”

The best part? It’s free! Well, at least the basic membership is. And with it, girls can do just about anything:
build a profile, upload photos, and get creative with Zuzee’s inspiring designs. A paid monthly plan gives girls access to extra designs and other fun stuff.

Here at KidzVuz we love to see other sites realize that the internet can be a creative, fun and safe space for kids! So send ‘em over to Zuzee! (And then maybe you can send your girls over to KidzVuz to review it!)

Shameless! I know!

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