INRIX: The (No) Traffic App Review

by Sarah on February 8, 2013

InRix showing traffic problems

I live in Los Angeles, one of the Traffic Capitals of the World, so knowing which way to drive so that I encounter the least amount of traffic is pretty important to me. I used to tune in to talk radio to get my traffic updates and consult my handy Thomas Guide map to navigate, but ever since I got my iPhone and filled it up with apps, I just turn to that.

The iPhone Map app has seen its share of controversy since the recent OS upgrade when they stopped using Google Maps, but I have become used to the new system and rely on it quite a bit. I especially like the way Siri, the voice of the iPhone, makes the map app super functional.

Now I don’t have to look at the phone to see how to navigate, Siri will tell me. Simply input the address of your destination and the iPhone calculates the route based on your current location. If I miss a turn, or go a slightly different way in one section of the drive, it re-calculates and Siri tells me where to turn and how far I have to go.

Since driving in Los Angeles can be smooth sailing or a nightmare with no rhyme or reason, being aware of what’s going on is a driver’s only defense. Enter the InRix Traffic App. Of course it applies anywhere, but I’ll give you a sense of how it works in
Southern California.

This free app, available for all smartphones, gives you real-time traffic information based on your location. There are web-
based solutions for this as well, and a well-known one here in Los Angeles is, but I never think to check the traffic
patterns before I leave the house, and I don’t want to have to find the website on my iPhone and input the data to find traffic in my area. I want an app I can open and get what I need. InRix does that.

InRix won’t tell you how to get around the problem, though. You’ll still have to figure out from the map which way to go
once you know there’s a traffic jam. But at least you’ll know why you’re sitting on the freeway.

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