Glitter, Glitz and my Tween

by Holly on February 11, 2013

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Going shopping with my daughter has taken on a new dimension since she became a tween.  She has very defined taste and I’m continually surprised at how different it is to mine.  While she is like me in many ways (she likes to read and write, for example), she has such radical taste in clothes.  Her taste must evolve from what she sees on TV, watching Good Luck Charlie and Shake it Up. Or maybe it comes from her friends, it’s hard to say.

From an early age, pink became her permanent favorite color. She wears a wide range of shades.  She is a happy little girl, so it suits her.  But I can’t say I would ever replicate her choices on myself.

Whatever the case, our shopping experiences have certainly taken on a new dimension lately.  She seems to be the one who knows what is in style, whether I pick up an item for her or for me.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

Me: “What about this?” (pointing to a black shirt with a picture of NYC at Justice, the only item in the store I can stomach)

Her: “For you, not me.”

FOR YOU, NOT ME.  I hear that over and over and over again when we shop together.

Here’s the deal: she likes sparkly things – glitter and lots of shiny. I don’t wear anything with glitter or shine. I like plain things, apparently; she likes colorful things.  Her favorite store is Justice, where every garment contains at least a speck of glitter and glitz.

The funny thing is that my mom likes what my daughter likes.  She’s always been a bit of clotheshorse and wears clothes that are ultra-colorful and glitzy. She loves to shop.  She can shop ‘til she drops, unlike me, who is in and out of the store in a flash.  When she buys me clothes as gifts, it doesn’t tend to go down very well.  However, when she buys my daughter gifts, they are all hits.  And of course, I wouldn’t wear one item.

So, I clash with my daughter.  Like mother, like daughter, right?  Chip off the old block

But you know what?  It’s just fine.  She should be her own person.  Glittler, glitz and all.



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