Minions Paradise: One-Eyed Fun for Everyone

by Nancy October 14, 2015

Minions Paradise

Do you know Phil?  He’s the latest in a seemingly endless line of endlessly lovable Minions.  And he just so happens to be the star of a new game for i-devices and Androids, Minions Paradise, from EA Mobile and Illumination entertainment.  Phil is a lovable — but clumsy — Minion [...]

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Report from PepCom: What’s New in Tech For Tweens

by Nancy October 2, 2014

selfie booth

Earlier this week I headed to PepCom, a press preview of the latest and greatest in Tech for the holidays.  Of course, this being KidzVuz, I went on the lookout for great stuff for teens and tweens.  Here are some highlights. 1. My hands down favorite toy I’ve seen this [...]

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Things We Love: Project Spark: Game Coding Made Simple

by Nancy August 12, 2014

project spark

When we started KidzVuz four years ago, our goal was to help create a generation of content creators, not content consumers.  We wanted kids to be able to create videos, not just watch them.  To think and participate in the digital conversations surrounding them every day. Seems like the folks [...]

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Crayola’s My Viritual Fashion Show: The Zombie Version

by Nancy February 25, 2014

Crayola My Virtual Fashion Show

I was invited to try out Crayola’s My Virtual Fashion Show at NYC’s fabulous Dylan’s Candy Bar.  I could even bring my child.  So I did. I subjected my 9 year-old son to two hours of glitzy, glammy, candy crusted Crayola fashion festivities. No one is more dismissive of girl [...]

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Smart Parent Advice for Kids with Smartphones

by Nancy July 18, 2013


A recent Pew Survey showed that 78 percent of 12-17 year olds have mobile phones, and nearly half of those are smartphones. Nearly 40% of fifth graders have a cell phone, and more than 80% of Middle Schoolers do , with more than 90% of those kids saying they can [...]

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KidzVuz Digital Kids Breakfast: Digital Safety

by Nancy February 22, 2013

[View the story "KidzVuz Digital Kids Safety Breakfast" on Storify] KidzVuz Digital Kids Safety Breakfast The day before the Digital Kids Conference began as part of New York Toy Fair International, KidzVuz hosted a Digital Kids Safety Breakfast at KTCHN restaurant for 35 New York area digital influencers. Turns out, [...]

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INRIX: The (No) Traffic App Review

by Sarah February 8, 2013

InRix showing traffic problems

I live in Los Angeles, one of the Traffic Capitals of the World, so knowing which way to drive so that I encounter the least amount of traffic is pretty important to me. I used to tune in to talk radio to get my traffic updates and consult my handy [...]

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How not to Raise a Tech-Addicted Teen

by Kim February 6, 2013

Teen Students in Computer Class

15 minutes. That’s how much screen time my first born had during his first year of life. No joke. I may be the only parent who lived up to (what was then) the American Association of Pediatrics’ limits on screen time for babies. Of course that was 14 years ago [...]

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Sony Wonderbook: Review

by Sarah January 28, 2013

Wonderbook, game, move & camera bundle

The Sony Wonderbook will blow your mind. Or at least, it blows my mind. Making use of AR (Augmented Reality), The Wonderbook creates an entire storybook out of a few otherwise meaningless symbols on the page. The Wonderbook works in conjunction with the Playstation Move controller and camera, and they’re [...]

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The Best of CES 2013 for Tweens and Parents

by Rebecca January 18, 2013


When we hit the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week to check out the coolest new gadgets, technology, appliances and accessories for tweens and parents. We saw a ton of really fun new cameras – especially the action cams from Sony and Poloroid that allow our skating, boarding, [...]

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