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Minions Paradise: One-Eyed Fun for Everyone

by Nancy October 14, 2015

Minions Paradise

Do you know Phil?  He’s the latest in a seemingly endless line of endlessly lovable Minions.  And he just so happens to be the star of a new game for i-devices and Androids, Minions Paradise, from EA Mobile and Illumination entertainment.  Phil is a lovable — but clumsy — Minion [...]

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by Nancy July 6, 2015


All of our kids do it:  play games on their laptops, then move to their tablets, then want to continue to play in the car on their phones, on their way to a playdate where, inevitably, they’ll play MORE electronic games.  Well now, Lego Minifigures Online makes that easy, by [...]

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Report from PepCom: What’s New in Tech For Tweens

by Nancy October 2, 2014

selfie booth

Earlier this week I headed to PepCom, a press preview of the latest and greatest in Tech for the holidays.  Of course, this being KidzVuz, I went on the lookout for great stuff for teens and tweens.  Here are some highlights. 1. My hands down favorite toy I’ve seen this [...]

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Things We Love: Project Spark: Game Coding Made Simple

by Nancy August 12, 2014

project spark

When we started KidzVuz four years ago, our goal was to help create a generation of content creators, not content consumers.  We wanted kids to be able to create videos, not just watch them.  To think and participate in the digital conversations surrounding them every day. Seems like the folks [...]

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Retro Games Are New Again: Pac Man and Power Rangers

by Nancy July 31, 2013

Remember Pac Man?  He doesn't look like this anymore!

Remember Pac Man?  Yeah, me too.  And so does everybody else who was alive in the dark ages before Xbox and Play Station and hand held everythings. Well this year, NAMCO Bandai Games  is bringing Pac Man to a new generation,  enhancing the classic arcade franchise for today’s gamers. The [...]

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Sony Wonderbook: Review

by Sarah January 28, 2013

Wonderbook, game, move & camera bundle

The Sony Wonderbook will blow your mind. Or at least, it blows my mind. Making use of AR (Augmented Reality), The Wonderbook creates an entire storybook out of a few otherwise meaningless symbols on the page. The Wonderbook works in conjunction with the Playstation Move controller and camera, and they’re [...]

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Zing Toys: Product Review

by Sarah January 25, 2013

Zing Toys_Air Storm_Z-X Cross Bow_hi-res

I was the Mom who wasn’t going to let her sons have weapon toys. I really felt strongly about it and had no intention of ever letting toys like that in my house. And then something happened. Not sure what it was or when, but the moratorium has long been [...]

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Hands-on Video Review: The Sony Handycam 3.3 Megapixles HDR-PJ1

by Sarah October 29, 2012

The Sony Handycam 3.3 Megapixles HDR-PJ1

The Sony Handycam 3.3 Megapixles HDR-PJ10 is a terrific little camera that delivers high quality, HD video and first class sound. Plus you can shoot video and play it back via the cool projector feature, so everyone can watch without you having to upload the footage to a computer.  The [...]

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Playstation Vita Review – Will Your Tween Want One?

by Sarah July 16, 2012

PS Vita screen apps

What would you say if I told you there’s a handheld gaming device you could also use to watch Netflix, make a Skype call or update your Facebook status? Well go ahead and say whatever you want, because the PlayStation Vita can do all that and more. The Playstation Vita [...]

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BubCap Review: Keep Younger Siblings’ Fingers Off Your iPod!

by Sarah July 2, 2012

bubcap demo

How do you keep little ones from messing with an older sib’s iphone or ipod – or texting smiley faces to the dentist on mom’s phone? Sarah Auerswald just might have the solution for those crafty younger sibs… We’ve all been there: you pick out a cute app for your [...]

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