Quality Time with your Tween

by Cristie January 21, 2013

Notice anything?  Not a mom in site!

It is a running joke between my husband and I that we maybe shouldn’t have procreated because we’re both talkers and apparently when talkers reproduce they create Uber-Talkers. Since she uttered her first words (early!) our oldest could literally go for hours without shutting her mouth. It’s been both a [...]

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5 Non-Annoying Ways to Monitor Your Tween’s Tech Use

by Nancy October 8, 2012


This is a guest post by PR pro and writer, Elissa Freeman.  You can follow her on twitter at @ElissaPR My 12 year old daughter is an average tween: slowly exploring adolescence, coming to grips with her changing body, occasionally mouthy (I will not bother to define ‘occasionally’ here) and [...]

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Using a Virtual (world) Mistake to teach a Real Lesson

by Nancy October 3, 2012

Teen Students in Computer Class

When your 12-year-old daughter tells you an older man made a pass at her, you’re usually upset. Me?  I wasn’t thrilled, but I was perfectly fine with it.  Why?  Because the pass was made by a  virtual man on a virtual dance floor in a virtual world.  Only virtual harm [...]

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Brace For a Big Change

by Sarah September 26, 2012


It’s the phrase parents & tweens dread hearing from the dentist: I’m going to refer you to an orthodontist. Braces are the inevitable outcome of that conversation, and no matter how you feel about how great it will be when they come off, when your tween has braces, it’ll mean [...]

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There’s No Tiger Mom in this House

by Holly September 24, 2012

Young girl playing the piano

Let me put one thing on the table before I go any further: I’m not a Helicopter Mom. I have never been and I will never be. I read Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua a few years ago, and I realized immediately that she and I had absolutely nothing [...]

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Yes, Your Tween Will Stop Talking to You…

by Sarah September 12, 2012


My eldest son is talking to me again and I’m thrilled. Don’t worry, it’s not like we had a fight. But he had stopped talking to me for a while. And I really missed it. Let me back up and say that he used to talk to me all the [...]

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Building a Back to School Tradition

by Linda September 10, 2012


It seemed like it was just the end of the school year and now, the kids are headed back to school. Regardless of whether your child is entering kindergarten or transitioning to middle or high school or just moving a grade, the beginning of the new year can be filled [...]

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Raising a City Tween (It’s Pretty Great)

by Mitch September 7, 2012

photo courtesy of

We live in NYC. We chose to live here specifically for the diversity, and I thought I would be giving up some of the benefits of suburban living. I was wrong. We knew we wanted to have a child and we knew we would need to move out of our [...]

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Tweens And Cell Phones: Should You Give In To The Pressure?

by Diane September 5, 2012

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It is not uncommon to see tweens and cell phones in nearly every city in America, but that does not necessarily mean that your child needs one. A phone is a big responsibility and there are a few things to consider before buying one for your tween. Is It Necessary? [...]

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5 Steps to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

by Sarah August 28, 2012

kid on computer

When you first become a parent, you know what your baby is doing every minute of the day and night because you gaze lovingly at them, or you stare at them through bleary, sleep-deprived eyes, but either way, you’re on top of it. As your kids get older, they spend [...]

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